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Dear members of the Escape2 network, 


We would like to introduce you to the second newsletter of the project. In the following lines you will read more about the progress of the Escape2 project, what are our plans for the upcoming months and see where you can access our results. 

What have we done lately? 
I. Engaging with our national and local stakeholders

The autumn of 2021 ended with a series of events who desired to address in 9 communities the relevance of a structured, European strategy to develop and improve the rural tourism, organized under Escape2 project timeline. 

These events were organized by the partners of Escape2 project and targeted the priorities revealed during the interviews with local stakeholders from HORECA, among which, we can find in top 3 the poor development of touristic services, few policies that aim to increase the tourism sector and the law level of awareness among local population regarding present heritage. 

II. Developing a European wide mapping and strategy of rural tourism situations with a focus on good practices to improve the existing challenges they face.  

During the first Intellectual Output of this project, all partners made a market analysis through different surveys. The main stakeholders (cultural and natural heritage, hospitality and accommodation and touristic guides) were examined through specific questions. The results of these surveys are synthesized in the last part of the report. To create a common market strategy, it is important to cross check the PoI (Points of Interest) and to make a cross analysis of the existing situation in all areas of partner countries. At the end, this report will clarify the strengths and weaknesses of rural areas to adapt the common strategy as well as possible. 

The report is now available to be read in English, Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Greek. If you are interested in the Turkish, Slovenian, Portuguese, and Italian versions please get in contact with our partners. 

III. Engaging with our international stakeholders - Webinar to present the main findings of the report  
On May 25th the partners conducted a webinar in which they took turn in presenting the main findings of the report in each of the partner countries. Speakers shared their organisation’s findings on a chosen rural region from their country, on three main domains: cultural and natural heritage, hospitality and accommodation, touristic guides. The presentations focused on main local characteristics of chosen areas, followed by main challenges in the local development of tourism, examples of best practices and recommendations and possible solutions identified by the organizations. The webinar concluded in the agreement that there is a strong need for a common high-quality strategy for the development of rural tourism. 
Exploring Spain - La Ribera de Xúquer 
As a holiday destination La Ribera de Xúquer has something for everyone. The forty-seven municipalities which make up the area offer a great variety of attractions ranging from the coast bathed by the Mediterranean Sea to the hills and mountains to be found in the inland areas, ideal for alternative tourism. 
Exploring Greece – Helicon 
How would you feel about exploring a Greek territory that does not represent the mass tourism landscape but portrays both natural beauty and cultural heritage? Helicon is a prime example of alternative tourism in Greece. 
What’s coming next? 

The partnership has begun the work on the second Intellectual Output: “Elaborate a common strategy for rural tourism progress” 

Since rural tourism stakeholders currently have little or no access to the relevant and required knowledge and information to sustainably manage and grow their businesses competitively, they, therefore, cannot ensure the viability of their natural, cultural and heritage businesses.  

One of ESCAPE2’s main objectives is to develop a set of tailored, innovative course materials and modules so that SMEs are equipped and adequately up to date, informed and supported to manage their businesses optimally. 


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