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Newsletter #3, May 2022

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” 
Bob Proctor


Dear members of the network,


We would like to introduce you to the third newsletter of the project. In the following lines you will read more about the progress of the RISING project, what are our plans for the upcoming months and see where you can access our results.

What have we done lately 

The booklet of successful stories

During the first stages of the project our focus was on collecting inspiring stories from individuals who successfully integrated into societies of European countries. The stories and resultant conclusions of this process have been gathered into a Booklet.

We invite you to read their stories and get inspired.

The Rising Handbook

The focus of the Handbook is to develop tools (such as exercises, games, and other resources) for mentors to utilize when working with mentees in order to increase their motivation and engagement.

Feel free to browse through the Handbook and share it with whoever you think it might find it useful.

The Rising local workshops


Each partner country conducted a local workshop for its selected mentors, about the materials for the mentoring sessions. The mentors received training on how to use the materials and tools within the Handbook.

The Portugal transnational training for mentors

Following the local workshops, the partners chose one mentor to take part in a transnational learning event to expand their knowledge. During the training, which was held in Portugal, we piloted the tools proposed in the Handbook to help mentors understand migrants' expectations and fears about the receptivity of society, as well as about the steps in achieving their goals and obstacles during that journey. The aim was to empower mentors to identify problems and help mentees in being agents of change in search for solutions.

What the mentors thought

"I learned a lot from the different icebreakers that allowed me to discover different approaches to get in touch with the mentees."


"What struck me most during the training was the Rising project's dedication to the migrant. The attention goes beyond simple support. It is a real challenge that leads the migrant towards an insertion in work and social and health care in a multicultural context such as the Portuguese one."


"The biggest challenge was to play the mentor and the mentee’s part at the same time. This exercise made me go through emotions that helped me to become aware of certain key aspects in a mentor-mentee relationship, such as setting clear goals and limits in such a commitment from the beginning."



What's next? 
  • Recruitment and matching of mentees with their mentors.
  • Fine-tune and publish the interactive tools for mentees’ uptake, as a way to better attract migrants into mentoring programs.
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This newsletter has been designed within the RISING - Mentoring to raise motivated migrants project, Grant Agreement no2020-1-PL01-KA204-081815implemented with the financial support of the European Commission by the Erasmus + Programme. 
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